November – When did that happen!


Bloomin Nora – It’s November and I’ve been gone from here for a few months.  No shows, Not much sketching and I’ll tell you whats been keeping me busy!  We’ve only gone and opened a new Cycling cafe!!  You may have noticed Yorkshire Cycle Hub has been tagged into my Instagram feed loads over the last few months.  Sprocket placemats and coasters are all over the joint!  If you’ve followed me for a while then you’ll have noticed the amount of times I did cycle (not at the moment, way too busy) well me and Mr T decided to set up our own business.  It’s been a scary and exciting year and we’ve now been open just over three months and we’ve definitely learnt a lot!  I’ll post a few photos of our venture and just to keep you up dated I’ve started adding digital prints to my Etsy shop!!  I did promise those at the beginning of the year but finally I’m getting a little time to actually get them uploaded.  Sprocket says hi, he’s been sleeping on the sofa all afternoon zZzZZ.  If you’d like to have a look at the Yorkshire Cycle Hub please head over to our Facebook page and give us a wave!

I’ve got my first and probably my last fair of the year in a couple of weeks and that’s at Leeds with Team Easy 2nd December.  click here for more information Etsy Team Leeds

CUTE Mr Sprocket in our bike shop
We just met you…….
A dog wags it’s tail with it’s heart…..

Have an awesome week everyone.

Time Ticks By

Nearly three weeks ago Time ticks by so quickly, I can’t believe its been nearly three weeks since little Teds accident.  I’m glad to report that he’s doing well, even though we won’t know for definite until next month.  He’s been entertained by Kongs filled with frozen peanut butter and some of his ordinary food….

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Ted’s Freak Accident

Pinned and Plated You’ll have seen on my instragam about Ted, our lovely cheeky Cocker Spaniel and his freak accident. Here’s what happened ….. Last friday night just before dusk me and the boys set off on our evening walk.  They were all jumping around and so excited to stretch their legs, I threw the…

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Sprocket Pin Badges are now available

It’s finally here I have just launched my very first Sprocket pin badge.  I’m so excited about him being on a pin, they are super special. They are mounted on a cute back card that shows Sprocket cycling on the road.  The pin is taken from an original image I drew a couple of years…

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January in Fryup Dale

Fryup Dale My studio is in a place called Fryup Dale, in a small hamlet I beaver a way in my studio to bring you lots of lovely things.  Sprocket is often found in here, especially if I put the stove on.  Sprockets new brother Ted loves being in the studio and is always in…

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Happy New Year and my Plans for 2017

Wishing you all a Happy New Year My plans for the New Year No More Fairs –  I’ve desided that after doing fairs for the last 11 years that I’m going to take a year off from doing them.  I’ll be concentrating on my online Etsy shop, new products and a newsletter.  If I change…

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Merry Christmas Folks

Greetings from beside the Christmas Tree   I’m sat in front of our wood burner drawing my ‘Merry Christmas Folks’ Sprocket and Ted illustration this year. All the veg has been prepped and the beef is ready to be put swiftly in the oven by 7am.  I’m cooking for 13 people this year and I…

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Whitby’s Christmas Market

Bright lights and Mistletoe at Whitby’s Christmas Market Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was down on the marine at Whitby’s Christmas Market in a cute little beach hut selling lots of Sprocket gifts.  It was a great few days except for the cold and the promised wind speeds meant the event had to be…

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