Illustrator by day

Mountain Biker by Night

By Day I illustrate my dog Sprocket but my other passion is Mountain biking and once a week I head in to Dalby forest with my old boy Edison who runs behind me for about 8 miles.  I attach a bell to his collar so I can hear if he’s behind me and other bikers can also hear him.  I’ve been cycling for about 5 years now and I try and get out 2 or 3 times a week if I’m lucky.  It’s definitely important to have a hobby outside of your day job.

‘It’s Good for the mind and good for the soul’

One night a week I meet with friends and we pedal around Dalby for a couple of hours.  It’s totally different to my day job and I believe it gives me a break from the stresses of being self employed.

If you’ve ever heard of Strava then I often post my rides on there.

Nothing too exciting but I do get to explore the North York Moors and the views are spectacular 🙂

I’ve just got a new bike this year called a Marin Rift zone, 29er and I absolutely love it.  I’ve always rode Intense Cycles before this.  I love the colour of the bike the handling and it’s so fast it’s scary at times.  A really great bike for Dalby Forest and the moors.  I’d definitely recommend one.

Mountain biking in Dalby Forest
Edison the Collie Dog

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