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You’ve landed on my site and I’m guessing you want to know a few things.

I draw and design unique pieces of art both digitally and handmade to make you smile.

That was the plan way back in 2005 to make you lovely people smile like a Cheshire cat.

My images are put on to some lovely gifts so you can always find something unique in my shop from a funny cheeky mug to a colourful print.

If you want something different then you are in the right place.

If you’re buying for a unique person then this is definitely the right place for you especially if you love dogs and  I can guarantee I love my dogs.

You’ll find that’s quite a recurring theme in all my work.


A dream studio looking out over the North York Moors rugged landscape, sunshine mixed with rain and the continuous flow of tea inspires Sarah Westwood.  A digital freehand artist telling the story of Sprocket the Dog, she often describes herself as his P.A.  or as the real life Sprocket likes to say his gofer. 

All the images are drawn freehand on her iPad Pro, she doesn’t just want to capture an image of Sprocket but she wants you as the viewer to be able to tell a story through each drawing.  Telling a story is an important part of her thought process and the onlooker smiling is the real reward.  The childish wonder of the drawings capture the imagination of small children to adults and they never fail to bring a smile to someone’s face, dog lover or not.

The real life Sprocket the Dog has inspired this body of work and he’s starting to bring his friends to the party in more resent work.  The world is Sprockets oyster and they are both enjoying the journey.

All the opinions on this blog are that of our own and we hope you take any comments we make are taken in a way they are intended and that’s fun and light hearted.


Sprocket gets upset when people take advantage so we’d prefer it if you’d get in touch first to ask to use an image.

All the illustrations are under copyright to Sarah Westwood so please please respect that.

We are also a member of ACID (Anti-copying In Design).

Get In Touch

If you’d like to get in touch then email me

Instagram – @sarwestwood

Twitter – @sarwest2


I do commissions so if you’ve got an idea lets talk.

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I never paint Dreams