Bullet Journal you say…..

Organised…. really??

I’m trying to keep organized, I’m not known for having this quality.  The reason is purely that I’m so busy with our new business venture that I don’t want all my hard work with Sprocket to go to waste.  I’ve been on the go with my artwork for the last 12 years and it’s been such a journey of both highs and lows.  With this in mind, I have started a bullet journal.  I have to confess I’m quite pants at it but it’s helping me loads.  Remembering is a big issue for me, my brains like a tea bag.  I have a lot of pages of random stuff to remember but it’s helping to keep my Etsy shop on track.  I’ve finally got around to adding new cards and print’s to my shop (yeah), I was meant to add these over the last year but kept forgetting.  The journal is somewhere I can write down ideas for new pieces of work or do a quick sketch.

Bullet Journalling
Bullet journal and The simple things Magazine

I started with a ‘daily to-do’ list but changed it to a ‘to do’ list,  and I also have other various lists.  For me, it’s easier to have an ongoing list that I keep updated regularly.   Having a visual list to cross off daily is a great way of getting a load off your brain or as I’ve heard it referred to before as ‘brain dumping’.  Almost every evening I spend a couple of minutes adding to my list or transferring everything over to a new list on a fresh page.

Instagram accounts I love

Bullet Journal list

I’ll share with you one of my ever-growing list’s

Instagram accounts I love

@paperandwood_  artist

@bookhou – screenprinting

@lucygell – illustrator

@clairewestart – artist

@carolinebrogden – Silversmith

@rosepearlman – needle punching

@geninne – artist/ potter

@catherine_caton – lovely lady and lovely interiors

@louiserawlingsartist – artist

@lisacongdon – artist

@creativethursday – artist

These are in no particular order and there’s probably another 25 on my list.  You might be asking what’s the point of having a list like this but for me having them written down means that if they don’t appear on my IG feed then I can find them easily.

There’s loads of hints and tips on Pinterest to get you going and the founder of the bullet journal has his own website so go check it out and get organized.

Have you got a bullet journal?

Any hints or tips for me?