Autumn Garden Delights

In my Garden

The nights are drawing in and it would seem my autumn garden is still giving me a few more delights.  Fryup Dale seems to have it’s own micro climate and my garden seems to have suffered with the change in the seasons.  My sprouts have long given up and decided they won’t bother harbouring any veg this year.

I’ve not had a successful growing season this year but I’d maybe put that down to time.  I’ve fed a lot of caterpillars with my sprouts though.  It looks like I’ll be heading for the shops for mine this christmas.  After returning from the Art Market in York I’m pleased to discover my sunflowers in the garden are eventually flowering and they look bloody awesome.  Hi-five to me and my patience and I just hope Jack Frost doesn’t come and get them.

We had another light frost this morning but Fryup Dale is basking in glorious sunshine as I write this.  There’s nothing quite like sitting in my studio, dogs by my feet (fast a sleep) and a hot cup of tea on my desk.

It’s the strangest feeling going from the quiet of Fryup Dale and being thrust into a York Art market where I get the chance to talk to hundreds of people.  It’s always great fun and I’m sure lots of people think I’m a crazy dog lady, which is slightly true but I

Have you ever been on hold on the phone for so long that you forget what you’re phoning about? Thats me this second but at least I’ve got an awesome view to look at and a slight sad looking garden with a burst of colour in one corner, hale to the sunflowers.  They’ve definitely made me smile.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Sunflowers in Fryup Dale

Sunflowers, autumn