Happy New Year and my Plans for 2017

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

My plans for the New Year

No More Fairs –  I’ve desided that after doing fairs for the last 11 years that I’m going to take a year off from doing them.  I’ll be concentrating on my online Etsy shop, new products and a newsletter.  If I change my mind and decide to do some then you guys will be the first to know.  I’ve really enjoyed the fairs over the last decade and I’m truly going miss the other makers and my new and regular customers.  I haven’t taken this decision lightly and I hope this will give me the extra time I need for my family and business.

The Wax Is Back –  I’ll be selling Sprocket illustrations and my wax illustrations.  I’m really excited about the reintroduction of my wax into my shop.  My original wax has been put on the back burner for quite a while because of the success of Sprocket the dog.  I’ve got about 40 pieces to add to my shop and all of them are new and fresh and a little different.

Sprocket & Ted adventures – The adventures of these two dogs will continue this year and you might even get to meet some more of Sprockets friends so watch this space.

Downloads – Over the next few weeks in my Etsy shop I’ll be introducing digital downloads of my Sprocket prints.  You’ll be able to download an A4 jpeg of an image and print it yourself and it will be instantly available when you purchase it.  Many of my customers are over seas and this will just help them get presents quicker.

A Big Thank You – More importantly I’d just like to thank everyone for supporting me in my business since 2005, yep its been twelve years of Sarah Westwood as a selling Artist.  A lot has happened since 2005 and I couldn’t have done it with out your continued support.  In that time I married Mr T my best friend and I’m not actually a Westwood anymore except in my business, always feels slightly weird but hey ho.

New Year New Products

New Products – I’ve got lots of lovely new products coming and you’ll be the first to see them, So watch this space.

Sprocket Map / Stockists – If you head to Sprockets Adventures Map I have now started to add shops that stock my goodies.  You’ll find them on the map with a black icon in the shape of a shopping trolley.  I’m still adding them on so check back.  I’m always on the look out for stockists so if you think my work would work well in your shop then get intouch.

The Real Sprocket – The real Sprocket will be ten years old!! Cripes time is flying.  He’s a very happy boy now that he knows that I won’t be away most weekends at fairs.  He’s expecting lots of adventures this new year.

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Happy New Year Folks

Happy New Year
The Real Sprocket