Sarah Westwood – Illustrator of Sprocket the Dog

Illustrator of Sprocket the Dog

I’m the Artist and illustrator of Sprocket the dog.   I also have a few other passions and heres where I’ll spin a few yarns.  Below is me and my partner in crime Sprocket, who is my muse.  He’s turned nine this near and I’ve had him since he was six weeks old, he’s my studio dog and supervisor.  I work my my own studio in Fryup Dale near Whitby right ont Moors.   In the coming weeks I’ll share with you some photos of where I work (I need a little time to tidy) ahem!

They’ll be lots of photos, sketch book previews and where I post all your parcels, what’s new and lots of things that I like.  People who inspire me and where I get inspired and how I became the illustrator of Sprocket the dog.  I can’t wait to show you my studio I’m going to attempt to make a little video so you can see how lucky I am and if it’s a nice day then the views from my window are spectacular.

In this blog I’m going to attempt to show you my work but I’m also dying to show you what I do in my spare time!  It might just surprise you.

My studio which is situated in Fryup Dale on a sleepy single track road and in the middle of a rustic looking hamlet.  Fryupdale is a real place it’s not made up, even though it doesn’t appear on many maps.  It’s a large valley with farms and hamlets spread out over a few miles.  We are only 13 miles from whitby but in the heart of the North York Moors close to Danby Moors Centre.

Below is a photo of me and my main muse Sprocket.

Sarah & Sprocket

Thank you for reading

Sarah // illustrator of Sprocket the Dog