January in Fryup Dale

Fryup Dale

My studio is in a place called Fryup Dale, in a small hamlet I beaver a way in my studio to bring you lots of lovely things.  Sprocket is often found in here, especially if I put the stove on.  Sprockets new brother Ted loves being in the studio and is always in there with me.

My studio is attached to my home that is a converted barn.  Me and my husband converted it over ten years ago and I hate to say it but it still isn’t quite finished.

Fryup Dale is a beautiful valley about 20 minutes from Whitby.  As you drop off Glaisdale moor into Fryup Dale it feels like you are falling off the end of the earth.  Descending down a steep hill onto the side of the valley.  The narrow roads meander around hamlets of houses dotted about the valley.

Great Fryup Dale in the Esk Valley
The hidden valley of Fryup Dale


January in Fryup is usually filled with snow storms and ice that last for weeks.  Getting out is virtually impossible without a 4×4.  This january (2017) its a little cold but it’s been so mild that winter hasn’t arrived at all.  It makes us slightly worried that when it does arrive it will be really bad.  It won’t be a snow day though, the disadvantages of working from home.

Snowboarding in Fryup

Since writing a draft of this post for my blog, I can confirm the snow has ARRIVED.  I was woken this morning by the excited voice of Mr T telling me the snow had finally landed.  The Velux windows were covered, the boiler was working hard to keep the house warm but I still lit the wood burning stove.  My day was spent in my studio, drinking tea, walking the dogs, more tea and keeping warm.