Ted’s Freak Accident

Pinned and Plated

You’ll have seen on my instragam about Ted, our lovely cheeky Cocker Spaniel and his freak accident. Here’s what happened ….. Last friday night just before dusk me and the boys set off on our evening walk.  They were all jumping around and so excited to stretch their legs, I threw the ball to distract Ted and Edison whilst I put Sprockets flashing light on.  Whilst loooking the opposite way that’s when i heard the biggest yelp.  I glanced round and saw Ted jumping around and I honestly thought he’d got bitten by a Stoat or been caught in a snare.

I’m so so pleased that last year me and Ted had taken the time to attend Dog training classes and had mastered our Stays because even though he was in pain when I gave him the command he stayed like a trooper.  As soon as I reached him he cried his little eyes out and rolled onto his back.  I asked him to stay again whilst getting the other two into the van which was luckily only 20 meters away.  He stayed again but watching us intently until i returned with a coat, i wrapped him in it and carried him back to the van.

I can’t believe a freak accident could result in this

After dropping the other two boys off and Sprocket prancing around and being very concerned we set off on our thirty minute journey to Eastgate Vets at Pickering.  The vets were great and he was x-rayed that night.  We were told he had a break but he would need to go see a specialist either in Leeds or Bishop Auckland the very next day.

Saturday morning saw us picking up Ted and heading to Wear Referrals in Bishop Auckland.  We saw a consultant who gave us the worse case scenario and off Ted went to be x-rayed.  Within half an hour we were told the good news and that was that Ted had only broke it in one place and not two.  That afternoon he was operated on, see the photos below.

Surgery results before and after
The repair

You can see from the photo above the break on the right and the awesome repair job on the left.  The two photos on the left are the same leg but just different angles.  Teds has a long road to recovery in his crate but seems to be coping remarkably well.

Crate rest
Crate rest is going to be challenging
Teds recovering
Teds neat stitches

Here’s a little drawing I did of Ted with his little bandage on.  Isn’t he sweet?  The first drawing I’ve done of Ted solo, I think should be a get well soon card.  What do you think?  To see more images like this just visit my Instagram account or if you go to my home page they are all at the bottom of the page.

Ted's injured
Injured Ted after his freak accident