Sprocket Illustrations

Sprocket The Dog

Here are lots of Sprocket Illustrations some old and some new and in no particular order.  These illustrations have been on the go for a few years now and they are all available to buy as a print but confusingly not all are in my shop.  If you see a Sprocket Illustration that you particularly like then just drop me a line mail@sarahwestwood.co.uk and I’ll get it sorted for you.  Enjoy the illustrations, I’ve had great fun creating these.

There are hundreds of Sprocket Illustrations so I’ll keep adding them to his archive of images for thou all to enjoy.

The projects these images come from are ‘100 days of Sprocket’ 2015  // ‘Sprocket Explores The Coast’ 2016 // ‘Sprocket Quotes’ 2016 – ongoing // ‘Meet Ted’ 2016 – ongoing