Sprocket Pin Badges are now available

It’s finally here

I have just launched my very first Sprocket pin badge.  I’m so excited about him being on a pin, they are super special.

Cycling pin
Sprocket Pin

They are mounted on a cute back card that shows Sprocket cycling on the road.  The pin is taken from an original image I drew a couple of years ago. I feel its worked pretty well as a pin.  I may just add a few more pins to the collect.

Dog riding a bike pin
Great quality pin
Dog on a bike pin
Dog riding a bike
Cycling pin
Sprocket cycling

The pins are available in my Etsy shop, get them while I still got them in stock.

I’ve even added a cheeky offer in my shop.  Two pins for ten pounds, if you’d like to take advantage of that offer then click HERE.