Time Ticks By

Nearly three weeks ago

Time ticks by so quickly, I can’t believe its been nearly three weeks since little Teds accident.  I’m glad to report that he’s doing well, even though we won’t know for definite until next month.  He’s been entertained by Kongs filled with frozen peanut butter and some of his ordinary food.  To be honest I’ve never watched so much television, he’s allowed a little rest bite from his crate if we are sat down with him.  Ted is a Working Cocker Spaniel so I’m sure some of you’ll know what naturally active dogs they are.  He just doesn’t stop wriggling and he just can’t get close enough to us.  Ted definitely lives up to his name Teddy Bear.

This last three weeks has seen the coming and going of my enameled mugs.  I’m happy to say that they’ll be back in my shop this weekend after I’ve found another supplier of the mugs!!  Whoop Whoop they really are some cool ass mugs, and for a tenner they are such great value.

Cycling mug
Cycling Mug

Time Ticks By – Wax Originals

Apologies to everyone who’s chasing me over my Wax Originals.  I’m just attempting to photograph them all but time is a huge factor at the moment.  Then I’ll get them added to my Etsy shop asap.  I’ve just sent a big batch out to the Gower Gallery and they are now on display in there lovely Gallery.

Spring time wax originals
Wax originals
Spring time originals
At the Gower Gallery

More Offers are heading to my shop in time for the weekend

I’ll be reintroducing offers on my prints in the next few days.  They’ll be buy three prints for ? If you’d like to see any other bundles of offers then drop me a email.  These offers will be for a limited time so the offers will change from time to time.  Remember for some time I’ve had cards and coasters on offer in my shop, four for ten pounds and I’m so pleased my customers take advantage of that offer.

Sprocket’s travels

Remember if you’ve bought anything from my shop then I’ll add your destination to my Map but I’d love to hear from you if you’ve sent the gift as a present.  If you’ve received a Sprocket gift then let me know your nearest town and I’ll get you added to my map.  I’m a geography geek 😉

Have a great week folks and remember to catch me on instagram 

Sarah x